[Outlook] My lives forecast

Hi mates,
just before the spring, have a look at my lives forecast:
  • 2015, March the 20th ⇒ ‘Cabaret la Girafe au Saxo’ in Cahors (Fr-46)

  • 2015, April the 22nd and 23rd ⇒ Live in Montpellier (Fr-34)

  • 2015, June the 21st ⇒ ‘Fête de la Musique’ in Tournefeuille (Fr-31)

  • 2015, July the 8th and 15th ⇒ Live in Sète (Fr-34)

  • 2015, July the 31th ⇒ ‘Chez Kiki’ in Saint-Martory (Fr-31)

  • 2015, August the 18th ⇒ Live in Nant (Fr-12)

More details as soon as possible.
See you

react, answer!

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