Event announcement

Hi Folks

emotion and quivering, a major 2017 event coming soon…

Not just a novelty, an amazing ‘Christopher Bock Production’ release will be available end of summer.

Folk of course, Country and Blues in the program, embedded in a precious and illustrated casket for a new single and efficient ‘Bock sound‘ 😉

More details soon, stay tuned!

Spring’ 2017 lives forecast

Hi Folks,

so what about next lives? Have a look hereafter, Folk, & Blues soon:

  • On March, the 24th
    • from 21:00
    • in ‘Le Bistrologue‘ ⇒ 2, Place du Ravelin – (Fr-31000) Toulouse
  • On April, the 1st
    • from 21:00
    • in ‘Aux Verres Luisants’ ⇒ Caignac – (Fr-31650)
  • On April, the 13th
  • On April, the 22nd
  • On June, the 21st

See you soon on stage!

To order CDs, go to About me page and fill the form 😉

Live: October, 2016 appointments

Hi mates,noname



not available for Desert Trip in California… So, what about Christopher Bock lives to feel better!

Hey, hey, please note:

  • Live in Toulouse, on October the 14th
    • Join us at ‘Le Bus 111’ from 19:30
    • 111 Avenue de Lespinet, 31400 Toulouse
  • Another live in Colomiers, on October the 15th
    • Join us at ‘Le Petit Bistrot’ from 11:30

See you soon on stage 😉

[Outlook] My lives forecast

Hi mates,
just before the spring, have a look at my lives forecast:
  • 2015, March the 20th ⇒ ‘Cabaret la Girafe au Saxo’ in Cahors (Fr-46)

  • 2015, April the 22nd and 23rd ⇒ Live in Montpellier (Fr-34)

  • 2015, June the 21st ⇒ ‘Fête de la Musique’ in Tournefeuille (Fr-31)

  • 2015, July the 8th and 15th ⇒ Live in Sète (Fr-34)

  • 2015, July the 31th ⇒ ‘Chez Kiki’ in Saint-Martory (Fr-31)

  • 2015, August the 18th ⇒ Live in Nant (Fr-12)

More details as soon as possible.
See you