Christopher Bock’ story

“Rocked” in my youth at the rhythm of the Neil Young’, America’, Donovan’, JJ Cale’ … albums, I started to play guitar by listening to this music to which I was “addict”.

Since the beginning, my objective was to compose of the french songs, not finding really an equivalent in this style. My guitar leaving me almost never, I often played for friends in evenings organized between us. A coincidence made that one of them proposed to me to play in the bar of his cousin to replace a musician. Concerts in concerts, I did not stop any more since, my repertory constituting various recoveries (country-folk-rock’n’roll) and of my compositions.

A few times later, I wanted to fix on disc my songs; not having sufficient means, I have to borrow to produce my first Album “L’autre Bout”. This one was well accommodated by criticism. Being perfectionist and composing much, the concerts became increasingly numerous: two years later, I left my second Album “La Valse Folk”. An album that I wanted very contrasted alternating rock’n’roll and folk. I carried it out this time at home, in home studio, to profit of more than freedom to record. I continued the experiment and two years later, I recorded “Un Monde à Part”, more homogeneous album in the style folk, which was well appreciated by specialized press.

So that it serf of advertising medium, a company placed to me order of an Album of traditional country music. In 4 days, 13 songs were recorded with the studio of this one and I made my “demonstration of it” by adding some of my titles.

For renewing me in my compositions, I then wanted to change style. I thus decided to use only electric guitars, by producing a new album: “Déchiré”. This one did not leave being too much far from the style have regard to my scenic services, the public would not have been found there.

Two years later, left the Album “Crime dans la Cité” which was number 5 on radio galaxy (Canada) in December 2005. It is currently distributed by Nocturne in France, Switzerland, and Belgium.

Six months after left the album “Rendez-vous”. Indeed, my public claimed me for a long time a disc corresponding to the repertory in my concerts. Composed of fourteen songs of traditional country and six original songs in french. This one was the subject of very good criticisms in all the specialized magazines.

It was n°5 on radio galaxy for 2 months in May and June 2006.

The story keeps on with the album “Tomber les barrières”, 20 original songs of country, folk and blues…

In 2008 the story keeps on with the “En Concert”: 20 songs on the CD and 17 on the DVD the opportunity to see finally the legend of the “la Valse Folk » and « La Balade Country ». Besides the novelties, I proposed old songs with new arrangements.

The French reference in country, folk & rock!

And now it is the time to produce a new album in English: « Take your chance » the only one with 19 new original songs and 5 live songs

To listen as soon as possible!

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