New video online: “Come with me”

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« Come With Me » Un titre original pour un été de liberté.
Une invitation au rêve, difficile de refuser.
Une chanson qui est tirée du nouvel album «Beautiful World», merci à Stef Lion pour la fameuse Bockaster que j’utilise sur la vidéo et à tous ceux qui ont participé a la réalisation de cet album.

The Christopher Bock’s new album!

“BEAUTIFUL WORLD” and his Collector Booklet

Big change for Christopher, only 6 months after the release of his album and his comic book Country “Bock’s Songs Stories “

Our artist is back with a new Rock Album
It is accompanied by a booklet with illustrations of his texts and photos of the band in concert

13 new songs and 4 lives in this “BEAUTIFUL WORLD”

Accompanied by his band and his new member, the young guitarist Enzo shows us here his talent

Texts of current events and loves of passage on an effective Rock

The CD is sold with the cover of 60 pages

Inside, lyrics and the guitar chords to play the songs
Also to provide some beers and buddies to go with them

Web site :
Tel: +33 (0)7 81 06 83 15

And now… Streaming!

New video: “Same Game” (acoustic)

Beautiful World

Christopher Bock & Enzo “Same Game” (acoustic)

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For the release of my new album “Beautiful World”, we were invited with Enzo at the rock show TOROTOTO by charismatic Jean François.
Here is “Same Game” on an acoustic way as required by the format of the show